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item no.: 108119303001
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specification: 110 ml
functions:Hydrating BrighteningPore MinimizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleDark Spots Removing


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product name: MVSK MVSK®24K Gold - Sheep Placenta Restoring Toner Solution (Unique Micro-emulsion Tech) (110ml) item no.: 108119303001 brand: MVSK
function: Hydrating BrighteningPore MinimizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleDark Spots Removing category: Moisturizing Toner product size: 110 ml



Use this product along with “MVSK®24K Gold - Sheep Placenta Restoring Face Cream” to revitalize skin on face: it activates the regeneration of collagen, minimizes pores, restores firmness and elasticity and lifts facial contour. The product can at the same time restores the moisture and brightness of young healthy skin.
Unique Micro-emulsion Technology
With this technology, the diameter of particle is more than 10 times smaller than those produced using ordinary method. This maximizes the contact area between the material and the skin and allows the product to be applied more evenly over skin surface. It also facilitates swift permeation of the valuable ingredients packed inside the tiny particles and the delivery of maximum effects. The user will be able to enjoy the fineness and silkiness of the essence throughout the application.
Major Effects:
◎ Permeates swiftly into the bottom layer of skin and activates skin cells; significantly upgrades the effects of skincare procedure afterwards.
◎ Repairs withered cells and postpones aging of skin with powerful effects.
◎ Improves roughness, wrinkles, loosening and aging skin.
◎ Activates the regeneration of collagen, minimizes pores; restores firmness and elasticity.
◎ Fights off deep layer pigments; whitens spots; evens skin tones.
◎ Restores the moisture and brightness of healthy skin
◎ Activates the regeneration of collagen; restores firmness and elasticity; reshapes face contour.
◎ Increases the density of dermis by almost 20%.
Loosened and sagging skin; dull, dry and aging skin

how to use

Apply gently on face and neck after cleaning in the morning and evening to prepare the skin for better penetration of skincare products used afterwards. The product significantly improves the effects of skincare procedure. Points to Note: ◎Avoid direct sunlight. ◎First time users should try the product on hand to avoid allergic reaction.