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item no.: 107765503001
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specification: 500 g
functions:Deep CleansingHydrating BrighteningFirmingAll Skin Type


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product name: DMC Deep Cleansing Pack (500g) item no.: 107765503001 brand: DMC
function: Deep CleansingHydrating BrighteningFirmingAll Skin Type category: Rinse Off Mask product size: 500 g
country of origin: Taiwan



DMC Deep Cleansing Pack (500g)
DMC Deep Cleansing Pack is produced in Taiwan and very popular over Asia. It is specifically developed with bamboo charcoal to deep clean and calm the skin, for solving large pores, blackheads and dull complexion problems.

It contains Mengzhu bamboo charcoal powder and rich in plant extracts, effectively soften acne, clean pores, brighten skin tone and sooth the reddish, sensitive skin. Apply a thick layer on skin surface can help penetrate the underlying skin, and repel melanin. In addition, this mask enriched high concentrate of moisture ingredient, can form a transparent barrier on the skin surface, for deeply moisturizing and makes the skin more radiant, restores a new, glossy look!

Product Features:
 Bamboo charcoal formula: Natural Mengzhu bamboo charcoal strongly sucks away the exceed sebum, grease and dirt, to solve the problems of accumulated stratum corneum, makes the skin cleaner and brighter.

 Calm and Soothing: Contains Calendula, Witch Hazel and Gherkin extract to soothe, improve sensitive reddish skin, maintains water-oil balance and tighten pores.

 Deep moisturizing: Apply a thick layer and leave for 30 minutes, let the skin sinks in high moisture, become more delicate and smooth.

how to use

1 After cleaning, dry your face with towel, apply a thick layer of mask on face for 30 minutes. 2 Use the attached spatula to clean away the mask and then rinse with water. Dry skin usage: Reconcile the lotion (about 5 ml) into the mask, and evenly apply on face, to enhance moisturizing effect. Oily skin usage: The mask can be stored in the refrigerator, to enhance skin calming effect, or stored in a dry and cool place.


 Mengzhu bamboo charcoal: Strongly sucks away exceed sebum, grease and dirt, cleaning pores  Calendula Ingredients: Oil control, firming pores.  Witch Hazel Ingredients: Moisturizing, soothing sensitive skin.  Cucumber extract: Moisturizing, brighten skin tone.

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