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item no.: 109272105001
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specification: 5 piece
functions:Hydrating Nourishing


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product name: CUREL Face Care 5-Step Pack (5piece) item no.: 109272105001 brand: CUREL
function: Hydrating Nourishing category: gift sets product size: 5 piece
country of origin: Japan active from: 2019-04-12 00:00:00



Curél Face Care 5-Step Pack (5PC)

Sasa exclusive version contains the bestsellers in Curél face care series. Only need 5 steps, keeps skin moisture well and cares for the dry and sensitive skin.

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Makeup Cleansing Oil (150ml)
It thoroughly removes makeup and relieves tightening in deep.
Product Features:
● Balance the skin type, refine the pores and minimize stress on skin.
● It removes makeup easily and cleans up the skin deeply.
● With watery texture, it keeps skin more and more dewy.

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash (150ml)
With a foamy lather, it purifies skin in a mild way and relieves tightening.
Product Features:
● Formulated with moisturizing and ceramide, it penetrates into the stratum corneum to prevent the deterioration of dryness.
● It calms skin in effect and matains a healthy and clear condition.
● Balance the skin type, refine the pores and minimize stress on skin.

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Lotion II (150ml)
Its watery texture that refines skin and reveals a dewy skin for you.
Product Features:
● It refines skin texture in a mild way and strengthens its ability to repair skin.
● With watery texture, it can be fully absorbed in a mild way.
● It provides effective hydration to realize healthy and clear skin.

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Intensive Moisture Cream (40g)
Containing " Ceramide Ingredients" and Eucalyptus Essence, it penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, allowing skin to restore high-level moisture, while effectively resisting external stimuli, leaving skin radiant and soft.
Product Features:
● Moisturizing ingredients (blue eucalyptus leaf extract, moisturizing and ceramide) penetrate into the stratum corneum to prevent the deterioration of dryness.
● Improve skin's self-defense ability and relieve discomfort caused by dryness.
● It is easily to be absorbed by the skin and feels refreshed and moist after use.
● Anti-allergic formula, weakly acidic, fragrance-free, non-pigmented, non-alcoholic.

Curél Wrinkle Moisture Essence (6g)
With lightweight gel texture,it reduces visible signs of aging.
Product features:
● Unique Lamellar formulation can provide water continuously, lock water inside skin effectively, prevent dryness problem and improve fine line. And it contains plant extract firming functioning ingredients can make skin firm, moisture and elastic
● Intensive Moisture Ceramide functioning ingredients and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum comeum, keep skin moisturized and resistant to external irritation.
● Gel form soft and easy to absorb, give you watery feeling

how to use

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Makeup Cleansing Oil,Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash Take a proper amount, apply to the skin and then clean up. Curél Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Lotion II , Intensive Moisture Cream, Wrinkle Moisture Essence After cleansing and put on serum, apply and massage over face till completely absorbed by skin.


Moisturizing ingredients (blue eucalyptus extract, Ceramide): Calming, moisturizing and soothing

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suitable for

sensitive skin / dry and delicate skin

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