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item no.: 108892303003
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specification: 60 piece
functions:Anti-dark CirclesAnti-wrinkleNourishingHydratingAll Skin Type


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product name: MISKIN Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch (60piece) item no.: 108892303003 brand: MISKIN
active from: 2018-03-02 00:00:00 product size: 60 piece country of origin: Korea
function: Anti-dark CirclesAnti-wrinkleNourishingHydratingAll Skin Type category: Eye Mask



MISKIN Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch (60pcs)
Miskin Eye Patch series has always been prestigious and high popularity. Let’s Introduce the Aloe Smoothing Marine Eye Patch to you, which provides all-around functional eye care that targets dry lines, puffiness, eye bag and dark circles.

The formula added Curacao aloe, spirulina extract and gold particles, for calming, moisturizing, nourishing the eye skin, also dilutes fine lines, reduces the appearances of dark circles and improves dullness and winkle problems.; The eye patch is developed by hydro-gel technology, make the gel texture closely and lightly attached to the skin, locking nutrients and do not drip. After use, the skin obviously more firm, supple and moisful!

Product Features:
 Nourishing: Contains B-carotene, superoxide dismutase, Y-linolenic acid and other ingredients, deeply penetrates to the bottom of the eye skin, effectively moisturizing and maintain the skin elasticity, helps to remove fine lines and blemishes.

 Highly moisturizing: Formulated with Aloe, Spirulina Extract, leaving the skin hydrated and enhance elasticity, eye make-up more long-last after used.

 Reduce the signs of wrinkles: Anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, reduces the signs of aging, specially designed for fatigue and tired eye skin, can also be used for other parts of the face and body, it is multi-purpose and convenient.

how to use

Take the eye mask with the small spoon attended, apply to the eye or face area for about 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask, gently massage until the essence fully absorbed.


 Curacao aloe, Spirulina extract: Repairing, Soothing eye skin, improve dry lines, eye bags and dark circles.  B-carotene, superoxide dismutase, Y-linolenic acid: Increase skin elasticity, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue.

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