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item no.: 108029803004
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specification: 30 g 03 Healthy
functions:BrighteningAll Skin TypeWhiteningConcealingHydratingOil ControlPore MinimizingSoothingPurifying


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product name: Eleanor Hydra Cream Foundation SPF18 PA++ (30g) (03 Healthy) item no.: 108029803004 brand: Eleanor
active from: 2017-12-01 00:00:00 product size: 30 g country of origin: Japan
function: BrighteningAll Skin TypeWhiteningConcealingHydratingOil ControlPore MinimizingSoothingPurifying category: Cream Foundation



Eleanor The Miracle Key Hydra Cream Foundation SPF18 PA++ (03 Healthy) (30g)
The Hydra Cream Foundation has a creamy texture to deliver a flawless look with lightweight and non-sticky make up finish. It is formulated with many herbal extract, which can improve and repair the rough skin, and absorbed deep within to continuously hydrating and infuse it with light. Also helps to reduce the appearance of the fine lines, blemishes and freckles, at the same time, control the sebum secretion to remain a comfortable prefect makeup for all day long.

Product Features:
 Features SPF18 PA++to shield against the damaging effects of Sun rays, helps to prevent the melanin.
 With soft and creamy texture, the foundation spread easily over skin to provide a moist and light finish, to smooth the fine lines, pores and cover the pigment, create meticulous makeup effect.
 Agglomerate different herbal essence to bring nourishment, including peach kernel, ginseng root, coix seed, ganoderma stem and other ingredients, deeply moisturize, repair and soothe the skin.
 03 healthy color is suitable for the girls with warm and healthy skin tone, to create a natural and weightless makeup.

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how to use

Apply after makeup base or primer. Take an adequate amount with a spatula and spread evenly on entire face with a sponge. Use the same color-based loose powder afterwards to create a sheer look.


 Peach kernel extract ingredients: Moisturizing, repair skin.  East Angelica root extract ingredients: Conditioning skin.  Coix seed extract ingredients: Conditioning skin.  Ganoderma stem extract ingredients: To improve microcirculation, provide long-lasting moisture to skin.  Ginseng root extract ingredients: Contains ginseng saponins, polysaccharides, vitamins and other nutrients, to promote skin regeneration and maintain flexibility.  Curacao aloe leaf extract ingredients: Moisturizing.

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